We are but a grain of sand in this big world. Even 1000 lives would not be enough to enjoy beauty of every corner of the world. Traveling is my best and endless source of inspiration. Having visited the dreamlike island of Bali I was astonished by its beauty. No words can describe how heavenly that place is, so I decided to convey all of my emotions through art, and that’s how I created my previous collection of swimsuits. Wearing any ‘Tropical' piece you would feel like a goddess of the rainforest dressed in tender flowers and leaves.

This year I visited Italy twice, which inspired me to create a new collection ‘Baroque'
Pieces of ‘Baroque' are all about the mystery of a moment, graceful lines of a woman’s body, magnificence and grandeur.
I have compiled everything characteristic of this unique style to make every single piece increasingly elaborate. If you are ready to be the queen of the coast, if you are bright and extravagant, this collection is created for you.
Wear a ‘Baroque' swimsuit to a beach party or a yacht promenade and you won’t go unnoticed.
Every date with the sea is unique and may happen in different circumstances and so a swimsuit, as proper attire, should meet the situation, shouldn’t it?