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Expected location: specular freesias can be applied above and under the chest, on a collarbone, on a shoulder. The peony is supposed to look good anywhere on your body. Try wrest or neck. My favorite locations for the leaves compositions are wrests and wrist.
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Instruction for using tattoos

There are several temporary tattoos on one sheet. You can use them separately and have fun by creating different floral compositions on your body. How long does it last?
It preserves the original look for 4−5 days depending on the location on your body and environmental impact.

Instructions For Use:

Keep in a dry place. Wet tattoos are not supposed to be used.
1. Clean your skin of any make up or oil with soap. The tattoo will last longer if there is no hair on the chosen part of your body.
2. Remove protective film from the tattoo.
3. Apply the paper to the skin (the picture will be mirrored after application).
4. Water the paper.
5. Wait for 30 seconds, take the paper off slowly and gently. Your tattoo is ready.